Monday, Monday

The girls and I have had a busy one already.  Jumping on the trampoline, picking up rocks (more on that later) and after putting Norah down for her morning nap, drawing. Here’s a peek:  Hope you are having a great day…time for lunch over here (and laundry, ugh)!

Favorites on Friday

Just thought I’d share a few of my favorite links this week with you. I’m going to try and consistently do this every friday.  There is just so much goodness out there as you know…just thought you might enjoy some of these links too. Loved this dress but especially the bloomers designed by Katy’s daughter at…

May Day

Rain just keeps falling on our heads over here.  I must say I am ready for some sunshine.  But the twins seem to be pretty content with the weather… Wishing you either a dry day or a day full of puddle jumping!