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  1. I love this—great expressions of truth. I completely agree with the idea that a woman becomes more beautiful on the outside when she has an inner strength based on living a life of congruency and when she has a trust in God and a trust and faith in God’s faith in her.

    I think the type of beautiful, unique strength that can only come from a woman is often eclipsed by the false beliefs about what being strong looks like. I was telling my sister the other day that I used to think being strong meant being sarcastic–quick with words that could shock or even hurt people–and just a lack of tact. I thought it showed strength, and now looking back, I have no idea why! Real strength comes from being tender and compassionate, having the wisdom to know when to keep your mouth shut. Boldness and assertiveness can be accomplished without the least degree of harshness. I think, however, that girls often don’t learn how to be bold without coming across as rude, or unfortunately, without getting any validation for doing it right. Sometimes even parents discourage assertiveness. There is a way to be beautiful, graceful, and dignified while emitting strength in your position and not allowing people to walk on you. (Kristen)

  2. Exactly where my thoughts have been lately Kristen. I have a long way to go on this but I know that it is possible through repentance and faith. When I think of the strong and beautiful women I know, I would describe them in those words.

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