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  1. just found you through Dana and have to say i’m so inspired! My first little girl Emory Saige is almost 1 and i so look forward to all the beauty and sweetness. I have a 3 year old boy so who is ALL boy so i’m certainly ready!

  2. Okay Hannah, I thought it was because I was in Safari, but I just tried to download this in Firefox too and the only thing that shows up on the download is the word “verb”. Am I doing something wrong? I was going to print it off and give it to the women in my family for Christmas!

  3. Hmmm….it may be a problem with your Adobe reader? Have you updated it to the latest version? I thought maybe it was a Mac thing since you said you were using Safari but I just had my sis-in-law try it on her Mac and it came up just fine. So try to update your Adobe and it should work! So cool you are using it for Christmas gifts! 🙂

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