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  1. I love this article!!! It makes total sense that the menial tasks in our life promote the active creative mind. I think that’s why when I drive the same route most days I have creative epiphanies! Not the best place to be able to write it down – but the moment I’m able to stop I write it down or I say it out loud so that I can change a thought into spoken word to help me remember. Howveve, I’m definitely going to use your Alexa tip! I need to utilize her more for exactly this same thing.

  2. Thanks for putting a positive spin on those necessary tasks. I can tell myself I’m doing creative work when I vacuum! As for the app to record my ideas – well, that’s a great idea. Just like Julie, I find it’s while I’m driving long hours that my mind starts pumping out the new ideas… and that Alexa app seems like a great solution to remembering those thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m so glad you reminded me of this. My house is so scary this week because I am just packing on too much. This is a great motivator to get things whipped back into shape. You are awesome. I love your thoughts!!

  4. I love this!! Now I’m motivated to clean ;). Actually really I do love cleaning I know weird. I’m guessing it is in part because of these menial epiphanies I didn’t even realize I was having, now to pay attention. PS I had no clue you had a blog I just found it on Pinterst. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wat to read more you are one amazing lady.

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