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  1. OMG! I can so relate.
    Love your ideas.
    I have a medium sized wood bookcase.
    I went out and purchased 30 A5 (width & depth & 50cm height) lidded vintage style Archive boxes; sitting two on top of each other.
    They have been filled and tagged.
    I have the sorted them in Alpha order, using 5 different coloured pastel highlighters – rotating – for each Alpha letter.
    I have then numbered each box 1, to 30.
    In order to locate what I am looking for with ease: until I get fully used to named labels, I have a written a list (A-Z & coloured) with what is in each numbered box.
    The book case is located in between my open plan kitchen and general living area. Best thing, is that the dark green pattern on the boxes matched the book cases medium toned pine.
    Due to the shallow depth of the book case, it has opened up the area it is located in and blends in with the house surrounds Nice and naturally.
    PS: would send u an image, but could not paste here.

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