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  1. i’m a hummus junkie. in fact, i’ve got my container of grandma’s hummus (available @ austin’s farmer’s markets) here with me now and i’m dip dip dipping my carrots. it’s really the BEST hummus. come visit and we can share some! 🙂

  2. Veggie chips and hummus- a staple around here. We go back and forth between classic plain and funky flavors (roasted red pepper is a personal favorite). Megan is even getting in on the action. (Check out “Yummus” Blog entry in April.)

    I saw this on Food Network a while ago and have been meaning to try it:

    But every time I start craving chickpeas, I go for the classic recipe in my family:
    Diced onion (red or yellow)
    Vinegar (I prefer red wine or balsamic)
    Olive oil

    No measurements because the whole thing is basically “to taste”. If you let it marinade for a few hours, it’s best. But it goes together so quickly and easily that the salivary glands kick in and there’s just no…

    I gotta go make some.

  3. Awesome post! I have been trying to come up with new and easy snacks, so these sound perfect. I really want to try the vegan ones and the ones made with chickpeas. Yum! 🙂

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