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  1. I’ve never talked to Camille, but my packages were always so fun and pretty! Wishing you all luck and good things in your “Hello”‘s!

  2. You’ve described Camille perfectly. She is so wonderful and when I first met her I loved her instantly. I wish my Mags could be in her Singers Company. Sorry you have to let her go you’ll just have to plan more family reunions. 🙂

  3. Camille seems like such a great person and it looks like you both had such a fun time working together! I just read through some of your past posts and was cracking up over Norah’s hair! Oh…it must have been an awful surprise at first…but I am sure it will be something you laugh at for years!


  4. I would be sad but now that we’re moving into your parents ward I’ll get to see more of you both. (You think you can just get rid of me?!) Too bad I missed you by nearly 18 months.

  5. Ditto to all who have commented! Hannah has been so fortunate to have such a great girl like you on her team!
    Good luck with your Singers Company, raising your adorable family, and have a wonderful life and see you at the next family function.

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