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Bring a sense of wonder and joy to your interactions with nature by creating a one of a kind nature journal. With the step by step guide to help you get started and the printable nature journal that you can use over and over again, you’ll soon be enjoying nature time in a whole new way! 

There are so many studies proving a real connection between nature and happiness. Personally, I have found over and over again that in our family, when annoyance levels are high and patience is low, a quick walk outside or impromptu nature study changes everything – for both me and my kids.

Now, for only $7 you can begin your own nature journal experience and bring more art, more nature and more happiness into your family’s life! 

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Nature Journaling - A Gentle Guide for the Absolute Beginner

Come with me on a 15-day journey to learn how to master the art of Nature Journaling. This 30+ page e-book is full of wisdom and fun.

Printable Nature Journal Notebook

Whether you are a new or experienced nature enthusiast, this journal is designed for you! Use it to gently guide you as you record the wonders of nature in a simple and easy to use format.

A one of a kind printable journal for both kids and adults.

Nature Journal includes:

Example Pages from the Nature Journal

Nature Journaling Guide includes:

Example Pages from the Nature Journaling Guide

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Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat to access and print your PDF.  I print my journal out on a 90lb cardstock which makes it great for pens and watercolors. You can choose what kind of paper you’d like to print it on but I would suggest if you are planning to use watercolors, to print it on at least a 90lb cardstock. For pencil/pen sketches a 40-55 lb paper would work just fine.