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  1. Emma was a cat girl too. You have to get Norah the book Katie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett. Emma loved it and I loved reading it to her because…Jan Brett.

  2. I opened our mailbox over the weekend to find our book. I am so excited and planning a fun afternoon of coloring and playing next week while my littlest naps. My oldest is always thrilled to have some alone time with mommy and I can’t wait to surprise her with the dolls!

  3. Maisy’s hair is so cute! I love Laurels shoes and glasses, and Norah is…well what can I say about her…..she is one of a kind! Love her!
    Can’t wait to get our coloring books, we’ll be looking for them in the mail.

  4. Hannah! Just checking in to see what the Stevenson’s are up to!! My oh my! What a beautiful family you have. They’re growing up so quickly! Can’t wait to see more pics of the new house too! Love ya!

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