• Easy to follow video tutorials that include traceable templates so you can begin TODAY.
  • No drawing skills needed – designed for all ages.
  • Create your own family of paper dolls for more creative play with your kids

This is the perfect introduction into the world of paper dolls, fashion, and drawing people!

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In this course, you'll get..

Video Tutorials

Step-by-step video tutorials that walk you through exactly how to draw your own paper dolls. Each video is focused on an easy-to-follow process.

Supplies List

A small list of supplies to get started so you'll know exactly what to you need and can get started right away.

Traceable Sketches

Drawing and painting are two completely different skills to learn. You'll always have access to sketches so you can get right to painting and not worry about drawing!


You decide how fast or slow you want to go as you walk through this course so you can come back to any lesson at anytime.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Hannah Stevenson

As a working artist, mother and teacher I have seen art transform lives of both young and old. I believe art is a powerful tool that creates bonds, says what we cannot say, and helps us notice the beauty that exists all around us. I’m passionate about helping women and children grow in their creativity and I believe one of the best ways to do this is through the amazing medium of watercolor. When I’m not painting I write about creativity, natureintentional motherhood, and mindful family life at I also make paper dolls!

Join me in your exploration of watercolors by registering for this self-paced course.

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      We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at anytime.