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  1. When I look at those pics I must agree WHO CARES! You’re so blessed with those smiling faces! All the best wishes with mooving,I wish you your own little studio but never to be alone in it but with your beloved!

  2. Hannah, you and your family are beyond beautiful. So much love in those photos. I am so glad that all are well. I hope you do go up to Meridian/Boise so that when I visit up there I can visit you, too! That would be great. Good luck house hunting. And, as always, if my parents can help out in any way, they’d love to! E.g., if you need a place to stay on a house hunting trip, feel free to ask. 🙂

  3. These are the happiest family pictures. I wish we’d been able to stay in Boise long enough for you guys to move here. Alas.

  4. you are so awesome! your family is just the absolute cutest. hang in there in that hamster wheel! i remember thinking that i just needed to survive that first year with lucy, and here we are…survived! and it has gotten so much easier. and i’m finally at peace with laundry and cleaning and getting done what i can get done and not stressing about it. oh, and with blogging, too. must just be a natural progression. 😉 anyway, congrats on heading to boise! i’ve heard so many good things about it. maybe we’ll pass thru there next summer on our trip and be lucky enough to finally see you!!!

  5. Such a gorgeous family!! The time passes so quickly and everything has it’s season…so drink it up now!! You know we’ll all be here when you are ready! Heck, who needs more, when you have it all!! Congrats and keep it up!

  6. such beautiful photos of your precious faces!
    I feel the same way! rush rush rush- then remember it will be gone in a blink- and cry! LOL. I love your updates and very much enjoy our interweb chats :O)

  7. I really enjoy seeing your pictures and feeling a little inspired by you and your creativity. Enjoy your little ones and your loads of laundry. I’m trying every day to do the same.

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