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  1. What a great post – your cousins family look gorgeous. I only have four children, but they ramge from nearly 13 down to 2, I know how she feels – so true that the only way to get a four year old to part with their treausres is secretly LOL we often have “Daddy put my car (old cardboard box, falling to bits from being hordered for weeks!) in the bin” tears from our Mr 4!

    Nic xxx

    Nic xxx

  2. Thanks for that bit of advice. I feel myself looking back often too. It’s hard to give up some of those things, I know. I loved that family before and now I love them more! Thanks!


  3. So true! My oldest is only 9, but I still see him discarding things from younger days and it makes me so sad. My 6 year old is a keeper and a trick that i have found works with her is to get her an art portfolio to manage her papers from school. As long as they fit in the folder she can keep them. If I find them on the ground or her dresser that means she didn’t want them! ;D

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