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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the new outfits. So cute! You’re so talented! I can’t wait to introduce the “girls in literature” to my girls and start reading about them. I also know that they will love the summer line and June outfit. They’ll probably want a dress just like that:)
    I also loved the Dahl sister’s post’s and look forward to read more!

  2. The new outfits are adorable – I cant wait for my little one to get a bit older to buy her a set (or two). (Although Im considering getting them now and framing a few for her wall!)

    Nic xxx

  3. the girls in literature line is PERFECTION!!! i’m so so so in love!
    i want to order a set/doll for my Emory but i think i should wait until she’s a bit older, so she can help pick— please make sure you stick around!

  4. the new outfits are DARLING! and i’ve been seeing these dolls ALL over cyberspace, yay! how cool. hopefully you’re seeing some good traffic in your store. i’m headed there now…:)

  5. So cute! Olivia loves hers and I will be blogging about them on Friday!!

    And I am going to have to order the summer clothes! SO FUN!

  6. Hi Hannah,

    I am awestruck by your blogs, your darling girls and your fabulous paper dolls!!! My boys are 20 and 16 and God didn’t bless me with a girl. But I have a 7-year-old niece who would just love these! I’m going to stop by your store and see how to order/buy. So glad you stopped by my blog!


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