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  1. Hannah, hello from Hingham, MA. How are you doing? My little friends look very cute! Tell them hello from Uncle Curtis and give them a big hug and tickle and toss in the air from me! I’m getting myself geared up to start blogging again. I was going to blog last week and then my stupid computer wasn’t working. I’ll get some stuff up this week. Anyway, it’s fun catching up with you guys on your blog! We need to SKYPE. What is your SKYPE name?

  2. by the way, our most beloved piece of furniture is either Heather’s office chair or mine…the kids are always in it for a school project or to play games.

  3. The most loved piece of furniture in our home is our red couch. We just got rid of our “nice” furniture (Not anymore…just worn out) and brought the red couch in from the garage. It’s big, very comfy and great for movie nights because it fits us all on it. The kids love to jump on it…despite their mother telling them to stop. It will be a wonder if it lasts very long. Hahaha!

  4. I just want to kiss those girls and give them a huge hug!! They’re so cute! Our most loved piece of furniture in our home I would have to say is our super comfy living-room couches, the kids love playing with the cushions and making forts and hiding between them so Jordan can look for them….anyway, we love our couches.

  5. Hmm, I’m just wishing for enough fortitude to finish our house so we can have furniture again! I can’t wait to be able to use our kitchen table and have family meals again.

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