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  1. So sweet! Nice to work with someone you really like and are invested in. Good luck with the baby boys! Love how my paper dolls were packaged so prettily!

  2. What a sweet post and how wonderful that you get to work with Camille! It is so neat that you are close:). I truly treasure my sister in laws, too…I feel lucky my brothers have such great taste! Lily is enjoying her paper dolls that we purchased from you. They are beyond precious! Good luck in the upcoming months with your darling baby boys coming!


  3. I didn’t know Camille is pregnant- that’s so fantastic! She’s a gem. And not in that throwing-around-vague-complimentary-words way. She really is such a nice and creative and talented person. But that just is the tip of the “your family is awesome”…

  4. So many kind words! Thanks Hannah! I feel like I don’t know what “in-laws” are. When I married your brother my family just got bigger. The Anderson clan is the best. And hooray for paper dolls!

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