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  1. I think you are an amazing photographer, Hannah! The photos literally told the story. And personally, I love the last shot of your family! So cute and with real personality!

  2. Beautiful day for Brittany! Thanks for sharing that with us. Your family is SO adorable! Esp. that flat headed little boy of yours….don’t you ever hold him? LOL! J/K! I know you love him to pieces! I miss those kiddies! Give them all BIG hugs & kisses for me!

  3. I’m dying over here at that last photo– hahahaha– Ollie eating Maisy’s hair and her expression. Priceless. ALSO, so good to see you this week, Hannah!!

  4. These are great pictures, Hannah! Candid pictures are the best and really capture the little moments that tell the story of the day. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I especially love Ashton’s chocolate smudge (I hope Maisy didn’t mind!) It’s amazing we didn’t all have doughnut remnants somewhere on our faces. 🙂

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