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Watercolor School
Supply List

Below are the list of supplies that you’ll need for Watercolor School courses.  These products are some of my favorite, tried and true watercolor supplies that I know you’ll love!

These are the same set of supplies I like to use for all of my watercolor courses.

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Supplies You'll Need For All Courses

These supplies are the typical set of supplies I use across all of my courses and projects.  There are a couple additional supplies necessary within courses, so be sure to check those course supply lists.

Tracing Options

If you are looking for options to trace on watercolor paper, click here to read my article that gives you 4 different options.

Extra Supplies for Specific Courses

These supplies are individual items specific to certain courses you take as a part of Watercolor School, but not necessary for all courses.

Optional Supplies

These supplies below are optional.  You can get them if you want, but they aren’t necessary.