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You’ve watched YouTube tutorials and read blogs about how to watercolor but you feel more confused than ever.

You’re tired of trying to piece together how to paint with watercolors on your own, without guidance.

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step. You wish you could ask specific questions and get some real feedback.

What if a month from now you were able to say you have mastered the medium of  Watercolor?

Imagine how it would feel to finally paint what you want and actually feel confident in the process.

Imagine that instead of buying cards, gifts, and home decor, you have the ability to create your own.

Imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey  with you… all committed to learning the art of watercolor, cheering you on as you create beautiful things to share.



There are so many choices! You want quality supplies but don't understand what that means. Should you buy the most expensive or would a student grade do? You just need someone to explain it all in a way that you understand!


Trying to find the right tutorial and learning where to start feels OVERWHELMING! There are so many ways to go, you just don't know where to start. Once you do find the perfect tutorial your time is gone. You need a plan to follow that you can fit into your schedule.


You see something you want to paint but it never seems to turn out the way you enivision. You want to create a piece of art you are proud of, but don't feel like you have the foundational skills to make that happen. You feel frustrated and defeated every time you try.


  • How do I even start with all of the different techniques?
  • I don’t know how to draw, can I really paint something I’m proud of?
  • It seems really complicated, can I really do this?

I know there can be a lot of questions and confusion when you’re starting to paint for the first time.  If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track and never master watercolor. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all.

That's why I created the Lily & Thistle
Watercolor School!

Background is watercolor images with text in the forefront that reads: Lily & Thistle Watercolor School


The Lily & Thistle Watercolor School is an online membership designed to help you learn the basics FAST so you can quickly become a more confident artist. You will learn the foundational skills you need and continue to grow as you pick and choose from 90+ projects (and more added regularly). Watercolor School breaks everything down and makes learning watercolor SIMPLE so you can relax and have FUN!

What's Included


You'll have instant, unlimited access to over 100+ video lessons (and counting) to watch anytime, anywhere on any device. We'll start with the basics and continue on together giving you a solid foundation you can use on every project that will guarantee success! We're always adding new courses and projects to Watercolor School so you'll always have fresh, new projects to keep you motivated and learning.


Drawing and painting are two completely different skills to learn. In Watercolor School, we focus on painting. Absolutely no drawing skills are required. You'll always have instant access to our vast library of traceable sketches so you can get right to work learning how to paint.


You don't need to be a "natural artist" to get beautiful results. I've taken all of the guesswork out so you'll learn as you have fun creating something you'll be proud of. We'll get right to the projects instead of spending a lot of time on tedious techniques. I believe that learning as you go is the best way to get the hands-on experience you need to gain confidence in this
magical medium.


In Watercolor School, my goal is to demystify watercolor supplies for you. You'll learn all about what is important when picking supplies and how to find real deals when you head to the arts/crafts store. I'll show you all of my favorites and give you a detailed list with links so you can purchase online or print and bring with you to the store.


Start, skip or re-watch again and again. You decide how fast or slow you'll go. All courses in Watercolor School go at whatever pace you need. You also have unlimited access to everything in Watercolor School, for as long as you are a member. This will allow you all the time you need to explore, experiment, and learn.


You’ll get access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions, find support, meet other members from all over the world, and share your art! I'm available in this group almost daily to give feedback and answer any questions you may have. It's also a great place to be inspired by other students.

Here's what others are saying..

Your life BEFORE enrolling in Watercolor School:

  • You’re overwhelmed by all of the different tools and techniques.
  • You never know what kind of brushes, paper and paints to use.
  • You struggle with how much water to add or take away when painting with watercolors.
  • You are worried that you’ll make a mistake and ruin your whole painting.
  • It feels like you can never make your painting look like you want it to.
  • You are longing for a creative outlet that will fill your bucket and bring you joy.
  • It seems impossible to find a community of like minded women who want to learn how to paint just as much as you.

Your life AFTER enrolling in Watercolor School:

  • You understand the ingredients that make up quality paint, brushes and paper.
  • You know what kind of supplies to look for and even how to get them for less than advertised.
  • You feel confident in your painting because you understand the foundational techniques: water to paint ratio, wet on wet, lifting (or erasing) paint, layering, blending, brushstrokes, and so much more.
  • You are able to create beautiful paintings for your family, friends and, of course, to hang in your own home.
  • You’ve even learned how and where to sell your art to earn extra money doing something you love.
  • You’ve met new friends from all over the world who are cheering you on as you grow in your art.

What Courses are Included in the Lily & Thistle Watercolor School?

Simply Florals

Simply Florals is our original watercolor course that takes the stress out of learning how to paint 20+ flowers, greenery, and wreaths. It all started here to help art enthusiasts enjoy watercolor painting without the stress of learning every "rule" of painting. The course jumps right in with a few tips, and then onto floral paintings both using brush techniques along with templates included so you don't have to worry about knowing how to draw.

Modern Watercolor Basics

Modern Watercolor Basics is a perfect introduction to the world of watercolor. There are 9 paintings with step-by-step tutorials for you to follow. Each one teaches you a new skill or two to add to your watercolor technique repertoire and gain confidence along the way.

Painting Nature

Painting Nature is a collection of painting tutorials from our popular Nature's Art Club. Each project comes with a traceable template so that you can learn important watercolor skills without having to worry about drawing. Print out the template, trace it onto your watercolor paper, and get started painting. It's our watercolor version of a paint by number! There are 24 projects in this course for you to explore.

Colors Course

In The Color Course, I will guide you through choosing, mixing, and using watercolor to create beautiful compositions. We'll begin with a quick overview of the basics of the color wheel, learn about color harmony, temperature, and explore a wide range of color combinations using a limited pallet. You will come away with 7+ fun projects and the confidence you need embrace the creative possibilities of color and paint!

Spring Watercolor Bundle

The Spring Bundle is a collection of painting tutorials to get you ready for all things SPRING. Each project comes with a traceable template so that you can learn important watercolor skills without having to worry about drawing. Print out the template, trace it onto your watercolor paper, and go! There are 16 projects including: Two spring wreaths, tulips, easter eggs, a baby lamb, and so much more!

Bird Calendar Bundle

Make a beautiful calendar and learn about some of our favorite backyard birds. In this course, there's a new bird to discover and paint for each month of the year! Each project comes with a traceable template so that you can learn important watercolor skills without having to worry about drawing. Print out the template, trace it onto your watercolor paper, and paint! This project makes a perfect gift and has the ultimate beginner in mind!

Autumn Watercolor Bundle

The Autumn Bundle is a collection of painting tutorials to get you ready for all things FALL. Each project comes with a traceable template so that you can learn important watercolor skills without having to worry about drawing. Print out the template, trace it onto your watercolor paper, and go! There are 14 projects including: Two fall wreaths, pumpkins, a cornucopia, a wise owl, cute trick-or-treaters, a spooky cat on a jack-o-lantern, and so much more!

Winter Watercolor Bundle

The Winter Bundle is a collection of painting tutorials designed to get you ready for all things Merry and Bright. Each project comes with a traceable template so that you can learn important watercolor skills without having to worry about drawing. Print out the template, trace it onto your watercolor paper, and go! . Print out the template, trace it onto your watercolor paper, and go! There are 19 projects including: cozy mittens, a snowman, Christmas stockings, holiday wreath and more!


Hi! I’m Hannah Stevenson. As a working artist, mother and teacher, I have seen art transform the lives of both young and old. I believe art is a powerful tool that creates bonds, says what we cannot say, and helps us notice the beauty that exists all around us. I’m passionate about helping women and children grow in their creativity and I believe one of the best ways to do this is through the amazing medium of watercolor. When I’m not painting I write about creativitynatureintentional motherhood, and mindful family life at I also make paper dolls!


The skills you’ll learn in Watercolor School will start you on the path. Don’t wait to get started!

With the basic techniques I teach, you can learn how to paint with watercolors easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

The Lily & Thistle Watercolor School can be adapted for all ages! I’ve taught people from the ages of 5 to 97 how to paint with watercolors. With templates for nearly all of our paintings, it makes it easy for any age to follow along with the tutorials.

How do I access Watercolor School?

You will have access to everything in Watercolor School directly in Teachable. Teachable is an easy-to-use online learning portal that keeps track of your progress so you can easily start and stop at any time.  You can access this course at the Lily & Thistle Teachable Creative Studio (

What kind of art supplies will I need to get?

I’ve spent months researching the best supplies at the best price point for beginners. I will give you a complete list with links for your convenience and suggestions of where to buy to get the best deals.  Most projects will use the same set of paints and a handful of brushes so you won’t have to worry about always buying more (unless of course you have an art supplies addiction like I do!)

When does Watercolor School begin and end?

The courses inside Watercolor School are completely self-paced.  That means you can start anytime you want and take all the time you need to complete it.  I would suggest that you try to make time for regular practice so you can be successful but, many of the projects can be completed within a hour.

Do I get lifetime access?

You have options!  You can choose to purchase Watercolor School Lifetime Access which gives you access forever, or you can choose our membership option which gives you access to ALL of the courses we offer for as long as you are a member.  If for whatever reason you no longer want to subscribe, then you won’t have access to any of the courses.  If you want keep any of the courses forever, you will need to purchase the Lifetime Access.

What is the time commitment required each week?

There are no required time commitments in Watercolor School. However, I would suggest regular practice of 1-2 hours per week.  Practice makes better so of course the more you practice, the better you’ll get!

Do I need art, painting, or drawing experience to enroll?

No – and that’s the beauty of all of my courses!  I make sure that everyone can be successful, no matter their art background.  I provide templates for almost all of the projects so you won’t have to stress about the drawing aspect.  Plus I always have step-by-step video tutorials to guide you through each painting.  If you already have experience with watercolors these courses are also for you!  It will further your education and provide an exploration of more paintings and watercolor techniques!

What kind of support will I get?

After signing up, you will get instant access to the Watercolor School private Facebook group.  Here you can ask questions, post discoveries and share with the private community.  You can also always reach out to me via email if you have any pressing questions or concerns. I am here to help and cheer you on!

What is the refund policy?

I would never want you to be unhappy!  If you not satisfied with Watercolor School, please contact me within the first 30 days and I will provide you with a full refund.

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